File a Claim

Dear customers, we understand your worries and highly appreciate your contact with our team to file a claim in case you have one. Therefore, to file a claim you need to email us with the below information:

  • Your name and transaction reference along with a description of your disputes.
  • You may also call us to file or check the status of an existing dispute.
  • Note: Claim resolutions can take from 24 to 48 hours to be handled and resolved.

Avoiding Disputes

We take all measures required to ensure that any inconveniences are resolved within a timely manner. In case a claim has been filed by a customer we would ensure that it is resolved within 48 hours.

Detecting Fraud and preventing fraudulent transactions

We have implemented extreme measures to detect and prevent fraud. Our built in risk analysis brings suspicious orders to our attentions for further investigation. Below we share some steps we take into preventing and detecting fraud.

  1. Verifying IP address
  2. Calling the phone number on the order
  3. Verify billing and shipping address for the payment method used
  4. Investigate on AVS ( Address verification ) or CVV verification failures
  5. Special attention to high value orders.